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25-40 km.

2-6 h.

1-8 pers.

fr. 140€ per group

City on the water - 11 islands of Stockholm

Car/Bus Sightseeing tour

The boy turned around, hoping to have a better look at the city, but now it looked even more unusual. A transparent haze, as if taking the colors off the sunshine, floated over the city, havind the bright crimson and either blue or gold sheen. The houses were dazzling white, as if made of light, and windows and tower spiers shined with fire. And everything, as before, floated on the water.

Selma Lagerlöf

The individual car sightseeing tour is an ideal way to start exploring the capital of Sweden.
In 3 hours you will see the most important sights of Stockholm. We will stop, walk and look at the city, you will learn the history and local culture of Sweden.
Each district of Stockholm has its own unique face and character. During the tour, we will get to know the medieval Old Town (Galma stan), the bohemian South Island  (Södermalm), the national romantic of the Royal Island (Kungsholmen),the museum Animal Island (Djurgarden) and Ship Island (Skeppsholmen), the business and shopping center - Norrmalm, the prestigious Östermalm, modern HammarbySjöstad, and after our trip Stockholm will become much closer and more clear to you.
We'll talk about
- Vikings, Karls, Karlsons. Who are all these people
- lagom, mysa, fika ... What are actually the Swedes made of?
- what does a Swedish family do at a Swedish board
- a wrench, a propeller screw, a dynamite and other inventions of the Swedes
- Swedish weapons of mass destruction:   surströmming and lutefisk
- 50 shades of grey. Scandinavian style
and everything you want to know, but did not know who to ask
What are you going to see on the way:
- 99% of the city's attractions
- 6-10 stops and 3-5 viewpoints
The oldest building and the most beautiful one, the narrowest street, the smallest monument, the places where the term "Stockholm Syndrome" appeared, the Devil's Bible is kept, the center of the Swedish Solar System is located, Bergman worked, Lenin bought a suit, Benny Andersson lives, the most expensive apartment in Sweden is located and the oldest ghost in the city lives ...
And this is hardly a complete list

- length 25-40 km.
- 11 islands and mainland

• Gamla stan
• Helgeandsholmen
• Riddarholmen
• Södermalm
• Långholmen
• Кungsholmen
• Vasastan
• Norrmalm
• Skeppsholmen
• Kastelholmen
• Östermalm
• Djurgården
• Beckholmen

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