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5 km.

2 h.

1-12 pers.

fr. 100 per group

Around the South Island

walking tour

South Island is the highest of the 14 islands, which central Stockholm is located on. Here are the most gorgeous bird's-eye views of the entire city ...
We climb to the highest point of the city, Skinnarviksberget. Then follow the cliff along the Monteliusvägen street. By the way, if you love the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, then this is where you will find traces of his protagonists. Further, the road goes through the Russian Square, up to the observation deck of the Katarina elevator, along the street of the Master Mikael executioner to the viewpoint on the St. Fjällgatan, along the typical red houses and end in the park overlooking the Viking Line ferry. Here, if you like, we will raise our glass to a successful trip.

- the length is about 5 km. on foot • Södermalm

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