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Давным-давно …
В 970 году король Эрик Победоносец осмотрел окрестности и указал место, где будет построен город Сигтуна - началась новая эра в шведской истории…

  • Town Hall, the smallest in Sweden
    Town Hall, the smallest in Sweden

  • Sigtuna Central Street
    Sigtuna Central Street

  • Steninge palace
    Steninge palace

The oldest city of the kingdom can be found in the annals as far back as the reign of Eric the Victorious at the end of the 10th century. At that time it was the richest and most powerful city in central Sweden. It was in Sigtuna that the first Swedish minted coins with the profile of King Olof engraved on them appeared. But in the 13th century, rulers and merchants moved to Stockholm, and Sigtuna was lost in a timeless oblivion, turning now into a quiet provincial town on the shores of the lake. The charming town on the shores of Lake Mälaren is ideal place for walking. Sigtuna is famous for picturesque wooden houses, 18th century town hall and preserved picturesque ruins of three medieval churches. There are over 150 runestones in and near the town, more than in any other town in the world. Here the most famous lyceum in Sweden is located, which both the famous politician Olof Palme and the current monarch of Sweden Karl Gustav graduated from.
There are four palaces in the vicinity of Sigtuna: the royal Roustersberg, Wenngarn, Steninge and Skukloster.
Steninge Palace
The palace was built by the architect of the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Nicodemus Tessin, in 1705. The history of the building is closely connected with such historical figures as Kings Charles XII and Gustav III. A baroque park descends to Lake Melaren.

Venngarn Palace
The baroque castle was created by Magnus de la Gardi in the 17th century. A unique baroque chapel has remained since then.

Roussersberg Palace
Roussersberg Palace was built in 1634-1638 in the style of the Dutch-German Renaissance. In 1757 the castle was placed at the disposal of the young Prince Charles (later - King Charles XIII). Roussersberg became the royal residence. After 1818, Roussersberg became the summer residence of the first kings from the Bernadotte dynasty - Charles XIV Johan and his wife Desiree

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